Some back ups work

i have been making backup to my ps2 for years now and just recently a few of my backup games that used to work now dont, i tried making new backups but no luck. I tried to burn it at various speeds and with different dvd brands but my backups still wont work.

any advice??

One word: laser. Especially if the machine is older than 2 years…

regards, Stephen

is there any way to fix the problem, i read about adjusting the laser height will that help?, if i need a new laser where can i get them?

some of my backups work i just want to know if i can get my other backups to do the same

You can adjust azimuth, white cogs and the laser pot. You better try some other media that work now, if nothing helps, adjust the azimuth and in worst case the laser pot. The white cogs are not worth the time. Buying a new laser ? Ebay, Ps2scene, or anything RELIABLE. Mostly deppends on your location.

regards, Stephen