Some avi files make page refresh and can't access them!

Hi All

Has anyone else experienced this problem; if so what can be done?

If I click on certain .avi files or even highlight them, then the folder they are in dissapears to reveal the desktop with no icons or anything on it for a few seconds. It then refreshes itself without some taskbar icons missing.

I customized the folder this problematic .avi was in to be better for movie files, and that made it worse, were as soon as you opened the folder the dissapering trick happens straight away without touching the .avi file inside!!

I have K-light codec pack on my system, and also tried opening the file with
crystal player / windows media / vlc player / winamp to name a few, but all gave the same result.

Please forgive me if this is off topic or in the wrong catergory as I couldn’t find one specific enough for my question.


Where did you get the files? Could be they are corrupt or have a virus.

Hi Jethro

They’re films I’ve downloaded. I’ve had this happen before, but I would simply associate a different media player to play them and that sorted it, but it seems that all the media players I’ve tried are a no goer!

I could accept one corrupted file but there was a couple like this, and V.Scans turn up nothing.