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I recently got interested in a dvd writers. My parents found the plextor 712A at Costco which was price decently (for a plextor that is). I was reading about the NEC 2510, the Liteon 832 and the Benq 822A. I read the review about the Plextor and I like what I read. The one drawback is that it doesn’t support DL burning. Again, I know that DL disks are expensive and not readily available (for me at least)… but having the option is still possibly nice. I know that newbs like me post these questions ALL the time, and I want to apologize, but I still will feel better seeing a respone to my question. Basically, is now a good time to jump on the bandwagon, or do you feel that the new technology (DL) is worth waiting, should I get the NEC or Liteon, or take the Plextor? I can’t even really describe my question. Sorry.



Keep the Plex. Wait for the Second Gen DL Burners


My parents found the plextor 712A at Costco which was price decently

How much was the Plextor 712A at Costco? If it’s reasonable I will have to check out Costco. :slight_smile:


In my opinion DL burning is not ready yet and it won’t be for the next couple of months. There are two reasons why I think this. For one, media is not available or it will be too expensive and secondly, the quality of burned DL discs is still questionable (from what I’ve seen in some tests done by OC-Freak). I love my PX-712A drive and if you afford it, I’d say go for it. The NEC ND-2510A is not a bad drive either but it has a smaller buffer (2MB vs. 8MB) and the Plextor support more technologies that are quite helpful (SecuRec, GigaRec, VariRec, PlexTools software). If you do not care about this then read through this Plextor forum and our NEC forum to get an idea of what to expect from the drives. Hope this helps you, good luck!


DL disc is not mature now.So it hasn’t any significance.


Thank you AKINA, G@M3FR3@K, DVD_ADDICT, ClayBuster for your opinions. Greatly appreciated and yes, reassurancing.

@DVD_ADDICT: Costco (in Canada) has them for 199 (after $40 instant rebate). However, I believe the last day was yesterday, although I could be wrong.



You’re welcome ]Bonkers[ :wink:


I think best bang for the buck lies with the Liteons. and you dont have to buy a DL model to be able to handle eventually DL burns. You can purchase a Liteon 812S and when the DL burn process is further aloing and the media does not cost an arm and a leg you can just upgrade your firmware and be able to do DL burns with the 812S. The 812s Liteon is a much better product in tersmof bang for the buck at this time. My plex 708 died in less than a years time and the people at Plextor dont seem to care.


I do worry about this quality deterioration associated with plextor’s recent dvd burners. I had to RMAed my 708a drive in less than 3 months of minimal use, and ended up with a “refurb.” replacement drive.

If I would have known, I would have purchased my 708a “refurb.” right at the beginning at a discounted price (or better yet bought an alternative brand), instead of paying “new”/retail price for a “new” drive, and enjoyed its “newness” for only 2+ months… :frowning: