Some amazing photos of the weather here in the UK

Thought you folks might be interested in these.

The one with the sea foam is incredible. Looks like snow but it’s not. :eek:


I hope that this nighmare will be over soon for the British people…:sad::sad:

I hope so too roadworker.

We’ve been lucky here as the flooding hasn’t harmed us too badly but there have been a lot of people that have been very severely affected.

There’s talk that the floodwaters mightn’t fully subside until May in England which seems crazy.

The weather has been appalling here though for weeks now with very strong winds (over 100mph), non-stop rain, and it’s been bitterly cold recently too.


Thanks for the link I have been following the Floods on Mail online

Some great pictures there. :iagree:
Hopefully this weather will be over soon :iagree:

more Pics