Some Advice

Hi All

I need some advice regarding upgrading my system. Im thinking about replacing my MotherBoard and CPU but im not sure which Intel processor to choose or Board. Currently im running a 530J 3GHz 1MBCache CPU on Gigabyte GA-8IPE775. Was thinking about getting the 955X Royal Board with perhaps the 830 3GHz PentiumD.

Any suggestions

Sure, plenty of suggestions!

What we first need of you, are a few things. What are you willing to spend? Why are you upgrading; what should your new system do better/faster? How long do you want to use your upgraded setup? Are you into any special things? Do you like to overclock? What other components are in your system? What OS and maybe less common software do you use?

So, more facts please :smiley:

Faster than Intel for almost everything.

Dude, I would stay from Intel’s PrescHOT stuff, it SUX BIG TIME!!! You should really take a look at a nice AMD system with either a venice core chip, or get an X2 dual core chip. Intel’s chips consume too much power, make too much heat, all because of severe leakage problems in the silicon. I would wait for their new 65nm chips if you must go intel, supposedly they have all the problems fixed, and the new chips will run nice and cool. If you must build a system now, AMD is the only way to go. What do you have now that needs to be replaced so badly???

Hi All

Thanks for the suggestions, i bought the Gigabyte 955X Royal board and 830 Dual Core after all, with a GigaByte GeForce 6600+LSI, i want to use it primarily for gaming so i hope this will be sufficient. Havent assembled it yet but will do so today.

Thanks for the info guys.

hummm looks like he really took you guys advice…lmao
why ask a question if your really not serious about wanting advice?

Well in all fairness i posted this thread just before i went off for a few days from work. Unfortunately no one responded during that time so i rather went with my instinct. I do admit that AMD is probably the faster of the two but i went with Intel purely because iv’e been using it since forever.

Arent the AMD’s abit pricy anyway

Dude you got responses that day - pretty quickly I might add.

Not a chance - Intel is the worst bang for buck available. I bet for the Price you paid for that gear, you could have done much better with an AMD base.

Pfffft! With a 6600? I hope its a GT GPU, coz if its not you just wasted your cash.

then why in the world take the time to even post…you don’t get instant response…after all …we have Cd Freaks all over the world…and they don’t just sit and wait for that one i need advice thread that you decide to post…and i hope you learn a valueable lesson here…never buy on a whim…allways do some reasearch …find out whats out there …how much your willing to spend…and then…make your purchase…and I agree with pollushon …i think you wasted your time and money on Intell…

I do admit the world and technology is changing but some people still live in the stone age purely because they been living in it for ever.

Sorry all, i didnt want to make it seem as though i was complaining, was thinking what i said might be taken out of context, so my apologies. Anyways my system is running like a bomb now. I’ll probably upgrade again in the next 6 months then probably move to AMD. My system does run quite hot though but i have sufficient cooling for it.

I have learned and i agree that its best to do your homework before spending money.

Thanks to All