Some advice pls on E: drive

ive got a sony vaio laptop and

i noticed the other day…under “devices with removable storage”

i have my D: DVD RW Drive…

but for some reason i have a E:HD-DVD ROM-Drive

I do not have any external drives connected at all and as far i was
aware my dvd/cdrive doesnt play HD or blu ray discs:confused:

any info would be gr8 thnx

What do you see listed in Device Manager? You could also go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management and see which drive is assigned that drive letter. (assuming you are using XP).

I would suspect at some point, you had a device connected to the PC which was assigned a drive letter.

do you have something like Daemon Tools installed?

i use Daemon Tools so i can have a virtual disk to mount images so i don’t have to burn disks. the virtual disk it creates in listed under “Devices with removable storage” in the My Computer window and is called a “HD DVD-Rom Drive”

Alcohol 120% also lists it’s virtual drive as an HD DVD-ROM.