Some Advice Please In Relation To Burnibg Speeds And Nec Drives



Simple question really. I always like to burn at 2x, no faster. Using Datawrite Titaniums my NEC 1300A (latest 1.0B Firmware) lets me do this. However, my LG 4160B with the latest firmware will not go slower than 4x much to my disappointment.

My question is this. At some stage I am going to upgrade to something like an NEC 3540 but I want to know whether this newer drive with its firmware is going to allow me to still burn my Datawrite Titaniums (which after all are rated up to 8x) at 2x or force me to go faster which I do NOT want to do. Can anybody advise?


The software you burn with should determine the speed at which you burn.
Keep in mind the firmware has top priority on what the highest speed can be burned at. For example if the firmware includes a particular media will not burn faster then 12x, even if you set your software to burn at 16x, it won’t, the fastest will be 12x.

However, since you want to burn slower that is not a problem and can be done providing the software has speed burning control, just set it at 2X.

I don’t undestand why the LG 4160B won’t permit you to burn at 2X, maybe somebody else knows the reason. Sometimes it’s not always wise to burn at such a low speed, you may get a better burn at a higher speed.


why do you want to? 2x is slooooooooow

anyway it should, it let me do a princo at 2x last night:


I would hope that your objective is to get the best possible burns, and not to get the slowest possible burns becaus you read or heard somewhere that slower is always better?

Slower is NOT always better.
Sometimes slow is much worse.
Sometimes slow is incredibly outrageously bad Bad BAD.

Many if not most modern drives with 8x and 16x media will burn much worse at 2x, 2.4x and 4x than they do at higher speeds.

As an example my NEC 3500 burns high quality Verbatim 8x DVD-R media so badly at 2x that the media cannot be read back in the same drive! When burned at 4x the media is OK, but the same media burned at 6x, 8x or 12x is flawless!

I suggest you re-consider your strategy of burning 8x media at 2x on you next burner, whether it is a NEC 3540 or some other drive!


I had actually thought about that, i.e the strategy of burning 8x media at 2x by and must admit that is the reason why I let the the LG4160 do its stuff and burn a disk at 4x as opposed to swapping drives.

However when comparing this disk burnt at 4x on the LG with one burnt on the NEC at 2x in Nero CD-dVD speed and the disk quality tab they don’t compare. The NEC 2x burnt disk is way better to the point it coudn’t be improved upon whilst the 4x burn is a bit of a disappointment.

Whilst I never burnt a Ritek G05 (8x media) at 4x to compare once again all the disks I burnt at 2x were excellent as well. Granted all the 100+ odd Ritek G05 disks that I have burnt are all disintegrating after not even a year (NEVER EVER AGAIN will I go near Ritek) but the fact remains they all burnt well at the time.

I have subsequently moved from A302 to A303 firmware for the LG but unless somebody says this is going to have made a wonderous improvement on a 4x or 8x burn making it as good as the NEC’s slower 2x burn I am really happy with the slower speeds - what I am putting on the disks took hours (literally)to do - what’s another few odd minutes.

I must admit I always thought that the burn speed permited by a drive was tied in with its firmware as opposed to any burning program which is the reason why I was asking what the NEC 3540 Firmware was saying for this Datawrite Titanium 8x media. I want to be able to stick with this 2x game plan if my old and well used NEC 1300 went to silicon heaven.