Some advice for a newbie


I’m planning to transfer some of my VHS tapes onto dvd and I would like some general advice. I was looking into an all-in-one VCR/DVD-recorder, but decided that using my PC would probably lend itself to better quality and the ability to customize the dvd.
I have a DVD-Writer already.
1)What are some of the quality middle to high priced video input cards and devices? What features should I be looking for?
2)How big a part does the quality of the VCR play in the transfer? I have an average Panasonic VCR. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have two audio outputs. It has the RF and the A/V with only one Audio Port.
3)Cables: Should I go for high-end cables like Monster Cable. Can i get the same quality for a lower price.

Thats all for now. If I can find my answers in any other thread, just direct me there.
Thank for any help and any patience.