Some additional information about the Plextor 40/12/40

I just posted the article Some additional information about the Plextor 40/12/40.

Some more information about the Plextor 40/12/40 as also Plextor Europe send us a press release.

The European version will cost 219 Euro and will be available in the middle of Februari. The…

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But will it copy sd2 like the 24 12 10, hope so :+

Cendyne is just a white box drive made my someone else, isn;t it ?

They’ve been using Lite-On so most likely we’ll be seeing Lite-On’s 40x P-CAV drive soon too.

Wasnt there just a news about Firmware 1.03 today on 16.01.02 in there, now i reloaded and zack - where is ist now ?

I have not kept myself up to date on what Plextor has been supplying with its burners in the past months (last I can remember it was WinOnCD), but their choice for Nero is certainly in their favor. Why would they not come with a CD Press. Burning speeds are this high, the only thing I can imagine being faster is a press as used in factories… :wink:

i’m not bying any plextors any more untill they bring out a new scsi version

Allmighty, it was old

Deleting posts because they refer to CDR ZONE really sucks. Try to get your news straight and don’t cry when people ignore your forums.

Relax Anton, domin8tor and I already discussed this…