Some 8x/16x DVD media in South Korea (Large pictures inside)

Post yours, too.

The following pictures are linked from of South Korea.

Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R (MCC003)

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000T03)

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R (TYG03)

CMC Magnetics Mr. Data 16x DVD+R (CMCMAGM01)

Ricoh 16x DVD+R (RICOHJPNR03)

BeAll 16x DVD+R (BeAll000PG0)

BeAll 16x DVD-R

BenQ 16x DVD+R

Ritek 16x DVD+R

Sony 16x DVD-R

Sony 16x DVD+R

Imation 16x DVD+R



Fujifilm 8x DVD-R (TYG02)

Fujifilm 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02)


LG AnyTime 8x DVD-R

Fusion 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02)

Fusion 8x DVD-R (TYG02)

From here, from of South Korea.

Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC004)


Ritek 8x DVD-R (RITEKG05)

Verbatim 4x DVD+R 5 Color (YUDEN000T01)

Verbatim 4x DVD-R 5 Color (TYG01)

If I have time and don’t forget, I’ll add more pictures and explanations. :slight_smile:

That is really cool. They don’t sell branded TYG-03 here.

Kenshin: Could you post some prices of these media? For instance the spindle of TYG-03, and other Taiyo Yudens. I am also interested in the Bealls.

It’s not that important for you as long as you don’t have to buy almost everything in Seoul. The reason why I clearly said South Korea is because each market has different prices and different array of products. Gigastorage and Princo DVD media are regarded as garbage by many in the US market but not many say so in South Korea because you will soon face spamming and threats from the distributors of those products and it could hurt to a degree to lose your job sometimes in a closed society, unimportant details anyway.

TYG03 is sold under various names. Taiyo Yuden’s own brand is That’s and only That’s 16x DVD-R has TYG03 MID among in South Korea. Fusion, Fujifilm, and Verbatim use TY MIDs. Fusion’s also the name of a company based in Seoul that distributes Taiyo Yuden media (That’s and Fusion.) That’s 16x DVD-R costs a little over 1,000 Won from retail. Because there’s no competition for 16x TY yet, it still remains above US$1. (1,000 Won = approximately US$1.) BeAll media are hardly as good or prestigeous as Taiyo Yuden media but as BeAll people are former Samsung employees, they have great pride and so BeAll 16x media are as expensive as That’s 16x media, but you can get BeAll 16x DVD+R or 16x DVD-R for Ritek or CMC price in the US market because Samsung doesn’t have that much pride among US citizens.

BTW, Taiyo Yuden has had factories in southern South Korea close from Kyushu nearly since South Korea re-opened door to Japan in 1965 a few weeks after deciding to send armies to Vietnam.

None of the media brands available only locally was included in this thread for obvious reasons. I didn’t include anything about pricing either because retail prices don’t really matter. Only OEM prices matter because retail prices vary based on OEM prices according to competition and tax.

Wow!! Great post!! My only gripe about the Fuji’s is that there’s hardly any space to write (labeling with marker) on the disc. :slight_smile: Why couldn’t they make their surface looking more like the authentic TY’s? Hahaha. TONS of space to write down file contents and such.

Gigastorage have just changed their lines, and their qualities are best. Compared to MCC, they are little less. However, they are little better than prodisc or CMC. This is why gigastorage is popular in South Korea. 8hogongcd only sells gigastorage media made by the new lines.

It costs millions of US dollars to change production lines for DVD media. Gigastorage isn’t that large or profitable to do that just for a minor adjustment. There’s no popular Gigastorage own brand in South Korea and that is because hardly any serious end user recognizes Gigastorage as a reliable DVD media manufacturer. Importers continue to hide the original source of manufacturing by wrapping flashing brand names that appear and disappear every time to confuse consumers. Fusion hasn’t done that once since Fusion was founded years ago because of steady and strong relationship with Taiyo Yuden Japan.

Try Create Data Disc recordings and quality scans on those GSC00* DVD-R disks bought from of any brand. Gigastorage DVD-R quality has certainly improved and so has that of Princo since at least 2003 but not to a level taken for granted for Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, Mitsubishi, Sony, TDK, Hitachi-Maxell, and the likes. Both Fusion and 8hogongcd have lowered 4x YUDEN000T01 and TYG01 prices to a little under US$0.5 recently, further reducing the differences from the cheapest 4x DVD-R Taiwanese media. Well, it was me first in late 2002 who bought thousands of Gigastorage DVD-R media mainly for non-profit distribution among some forums. It was only then that Gigastorage DVD-R media had any competitive edge. Ritek’s quote from Hsin Chu was 50% higher.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. has an annual sales of about 25 billion USDs, or about 2.5 trillion Japanese Yen, or about 25 trillion South Korean Won. 0.4 trillion USD (40 trillion Yen) capital. 223 companies as subsidiaries.

Since Fuji has their own MIDs, they probably don’t feel any need to make their products look too obviously like TY That’s.

0.023 trillion Yen capital and 0.172 trillon Yen yearly sales for Taiyo Yuden.

Shinano Kenshi (SKCJ) to which Plextor belongs is even smaller than TY. From Fuji’s point of view, Plextor and TY must be just small partners. I’m trying to find out SKCJ’s annual sales of optical drives. I estimate max. one million to min. 100,000 units. LG makes 50 million.

I’m accustomed to write tiny characters. When I was a student, I often wrote Hanguls of 2-3mm height to fill each page with more characters partly to save paper and pencil.

Agreed … they’ve got about $25 billion reasons not to care. :slight_smile: Besides, average “Joe” consumer wouldn’t even have a clue what Taiyo Yuden means with regards to a Fuji dvd.

Which reminds me … I was at the local Best Buy digging through the display shelves for Made In Japan TDK’s. Some lady watches curiously and finally asks me if I worked there. Haha. I explain that I don’t and was just searching for Japanese made media. Her response: “… oh right here … FUJI’s …” (name associated as a Japanese product in her mind). When I tried to explain the differences in media based on where their place of manufacture and the different manufacturers, etc. … she just kinda gave a look of … " whatever ". :slight_smile:

My GOODNESS!!! 2mm? You must have eagle eyes to spot those squiggles. Where were you when I needed to write down all the equations on my “1 piece of paper only” cheatsheet for high school math tests? Hahah. 2mm writing would’ve come in handy - ie. I could’ve copied the entire text!!! :slight_smile:

I was good at making what you call “cheatsheet” for friends. I myself wasn’t interested much in scores. My eyesight was relatively poor, just patience. When I was young, I spent a lot more time in practicing hand-writing (but never with fountain pens as most of you must have had) than I spent time in practicing with M16. And anything made of paper was really expensive for my income (not that I had to earn money myself.) If you write small enough and leave no large block of space on each page of notebooks, you will only need one 40-page notebook for what the others need 200 20-page notebooks. I can barely recall a notebook was for about US$0.1 then. The storage industry of both rotating and static media still discuss their size in terms of how many sheets of newspaper are needed to meet the same requirement. Even now I still have a habit of choosing thick and cheap books of nonfiction, printed in the smallest possible (but readable) fonts.

If GSC is bad, which media can be considered good?

WoW, beautiful scans
I never seen GS media in the US before. Seen infosmart (under memorex brand).

Kenshin, those are colorful blanks you have there. I haven’t seen some of those in the US market. I never seen Verbatim with TY mid, LG media (I saw Samsung), NEC media in the US. Please post more if you have time Kenshin, I love to see world products

To add, I consider Princo as one of the worst media I’ve ever seen like Interexia AG. However, GSC is good and cheap.

@ ghetocowboy ; SAMSUNG MIJ is Made by TY but they are rare.
Made in Korea is BeAll and Made in Taiwan 4X is Optodisc, 8X is Ritek. They are all craps.

I thought you can read English with ease so please read the sentences carefully again.

Try Create Data Disc recordings and quality scans on those GSC00* DVD-R disks bought from of any brand. Gigastorage DVD-R quality has certainly improved and so has that of Princo since at least 2003 but not to a level taken for granted for Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, Mitsubishi, Sony, TDK, Hitachi-Maxell, and the likes.

I’m replying to you knowing you are also in South Korea in order to prevent confusion on the part of the rest of the visitors rather than on a need to reply to you itself. When you say “lines” in English, it might mean something different from what you are accustomed to while saying 생산라인 in Korean. The special market situation regarding the various Gigastorage importers isn’t repeated in other countries in the same fashion so your impression about the good quality of Gigastorage media isn’t important here. If you want to discuss Gigastorage media, better include all sorts of GSC001/002/003… media on the market. And I’m not sure if you are aware of that the same subject was discussed on some South Korean websites before which ended in a lot of personal attacks, someone advertising Gigastorage media closing threads and threatening some of the people pointing out about much worse performances of past products that were still on the market and the general inconsistent quality over the years, even inside the same spindle. Surely it’s one reseller of CD and DVD blank media that promoted Gigastorage media most loudly.

Use CD Speed 4.x version to include Create Data Disc graphs in one window.

I suppose you meant “cheap in South Korea.” My conclusion is Gigastorage media sold in South Korea are generally of poor quality and still costs nearly as much as the authorized products of Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemical and Ricoh. Or, do you believe the words from one importer that conclude the Taiwanese media they import and sell are as good as Japanese media because those Taiwanese manufacturers use Japanese equipment for their production lines? Their banner says CD and DVD write-once media can last 70 years, guaranteed, but do you know how many times they changed their registered company names and licence numbers in the past 3 years alone?

I can post a lot more colorful pictures if I still browse Japanese shops frequently. Once had a good collection of such images, but the site nearly froze 2 years ago (which now is part of and both based in the Netherlands anyway.)

In south Korea, TY(4X) is 720 won(0.72$) per disc and MCC is little cheaper, 600 won(0.60$) per disc and Ricoh is 500 won(0.50$) per disc. and the B grade TY, V-Star is 450 won(0.45$) per disc and B grade MCC, Margie, is also 450 won(0.45$) per disc. All these medias are 4x and 8x is little more expensive. However, GSC is 300 won(0.30$) per disc. and the 8X version is avaliable at the price of 400 won(0.40$) per disc. In this price and quality(seen at the graph I quoted earlier), GSC can be a smart choice. However, I recommend TY or MCC when your data have to safely preserved for 5 years or more. If not, try GSC and save money(For south koreans). I don’t know anything about GSC in other countries. However, I think its worth a try.

I’m not sure whether you are an ethnic South Korean or just someone who temporarily stays in South Korea. Who buys TY 4x at 720 Won when you can buy TY 8x for under US$0.6 and it has been like that for quite some time and Gigastorage 8x media may cost as little as near US$0.3 but most well-advertised ones cost just like TY 8x and most of us are familiar with the fact 8x TY can be written at 16x rather well in writers like PX-716A, DW1620, ND-3500A, GSA-4163B, and so on.

And your graphs hardly tell anything really. As I recommended, do some more valid tests please first of all. Run Create Data Disc tests of full 4.7 gigabyte files and then scan in DW1620 preferrably for more detailed comparisons. And don’t forget to post some of the disastrous scan results from Gigastorage media.


Do you know anything about Iomega 8x DVD media?

That’s very obviously Japanese packaging, but I know some media packaged for the Japanese market finds its way to South Korea, so I was wondering if you’d encountered any and/or know of the manufacturer of the discs. The label mentions Azo dye, and the cakeboxes certainly look like Prodisc, but…

Of course I can buy TY 8X Fuji branded at 700 won($0.7) and B grade TY 8X at 500 won. However, It is little more expensive than GSC. IOI, E3Works, Cursor Branded GSC is good I think. Maxmax branded is bad, however. I cannot do data disc burning until July 9th because of my midterm exam. Moreover, I don’t have BenQ drive and don’t want to buy it until I buy Plextor 716SA and NEC 3540, TEAC’s new drive.

P.S : I’m a high school student in South Korea.