Solved problem, but new question now



I was having a lot of trouble with failed burns, and posted a few threads to which I got a lot of assistance. However, as I originally suspected, my DVD burner was bad and needed to be replaced (after if failed some tests). I’ve got the new one in and it seems to be working fine so far. My new questions would be, when I got “failed to burn” messages in the past, I would check the DVD through the burning software, and it would show the disc as still empty. However, if I try to use this disc again, it would inevitably fail in DVDfab. When I then get the message “do you want to burn again” I would put in a brand new DVD and DVDfab would finish and say “burned successfully” But when I try to play this disc, I will get and “unknown disc” message from my player? So my questions are, why does the burning software say the disc is blank but they always fail, and when I hit “burn again” why does it always say it was successful when it never is?


Poor or garbled communication between the new drive (congrats!) and the burning engine. Post a couple of segments from the burn log for your fellow users to have a look.


This isn’t from just the new drive, this has always happened, even with the old one.




What brand of media are you using ? I had this happen a few years back and found out it was the media brand as I was going for the cheapest I could find then