Solved! Pio A09 and Dvr-109 Fluctuation is a feature named Walking OPC

Phillips drive have a new feature called Walking-OPC (I am sure I am not telling anything new to the senior of this forum)

Here’s a description of it’s behaviour

[I]To ensure optimal writing quality over the entire disc at higher writing speeds, Philips has introduced the Walking OPC algorithm. WOPC directly measures and optimizes the actual writing quality during the writing process.

At certain intervals, the writing process will be briefly interrupted, the writing quality directly evaluated and the writing power adjusted accordingly, if required[/I]

This indeed look a lot like the behaviour of my Pio, Thanks to TerminalVeloCD for pointing this out, Too bad Pio doesn’t write it in their feature list!

then my 109 must be fitted with Standing OPC…cos it never has had the “fluctuation” issues that some are having :wink:

Hmm wierd, Do you use regular nero or something else ? You must be the only one to not have this “feature” What media do you use ? I use Verbatim -R 8X and it’s alway’s fluctuating, maybe 4-5 time in a burn

nevermind, i think i confused the device buffer fluctuations, that some people report, with the speed dips…which i do get, but my 109 speeds up till it has written approx. 52% then drops to 2X and begins speeding up again, normal afaik. i get no fluctuations up/down all throughout the burning though

this sounds more like media prob