Solved my problem with regional codes-LOL!

Yep, I solved the problem with region one and region two DVD movies. I have 2 DVD drives now - one in each region! LOL!

OK, not the ulitmate in region code solving but for me it works.

My laptop is locked in on region one and the new DVD burner I bought here in Germany 2 weeks ago (Phillips 1660k) is region two.

I uninstalled Region+CSS Free and until Fengtao works out the problems with the software gods, I will view my DVDs using this method.

The Phillips drive works perfectly with DVDFab Gold when I need to back up any of my DVDs and now I have have option of purchasing either of these regions or just renting either region. (I have the US military library and all their DVDs are in - can you guess?.. REGION 1.) Hey! Works for me! :cool:

Now I am waiting for my new enclosure for my burner to arrive. :bigsmile:

:cool: …Quite the workaround… :bigsmile:

Congrats on an innovative approach

can you not find any RPC-1 firmware for your drives ?, ok, it will void any warranty.