(Solved) I can't activate serial number

I’ll buy VeloSSD, but on system Windows XP sp3 do not work, after I assigned ssd the cpu is used at 100% and the frozen application. When I try to activate the license, I get an error that says I can not be activated. What should I do?

There is an issue in the wizard, on some system takes ugly long time.
Just wait there. This issue is fixed in the 20.3.2013 update version
It is out in 15 hours from now on…

This is only possible after purchase.
Then the Program gets activation over internet.
The update includes a user manual,
activation is explained there too.

[LEFT]the latest version of the software works well for the serial I was wrong, thanks for the quick reply on the forum. Now the pc is really fast!:clap:[/LEFT]