SOLVED ! BTC 1004 compatibility probs with Cyberhome DVD - Player 402


this is my prob,

i try to burn homevideos on dvd for looking them on my cyberhome dvd 402.

1.) i tried conmark dvd - r. the result was good the dvd is runnig without problems on my pc dvd-rom (asus), also on BTC 1004 FW0043 but not on my dvd -player. test failed 3 times

my neighbour is using a sony dru 510a, the same dvd - r´s and they are running without problems on my dvd-player.

2.) ritek dvd+rw no problems
3.) swisstec dvd-r: error when start writing lrad in
4.) maxell dvd-r dr47, burnresult ok, dvd - player --> ok
5.) tdk dvd+rw no problems
6.) sony dvd-r: burning ok, but when try to read the disk again --> no disk inserted

to 1.) why do conmark dvd-r does not work on my dvd player when they burned with btc 1004??? --> they are ceap and the quality is good.



hello, ive got a btc burner and a cyber home 402 player too, i use one disks,the web site is, they are perfect, they burn 1st time and works like a dream in the dvd player too

thx, i´ll try them.

Problems with conmark dvd-r solved, they are running well now ( i think it was a softwareproblem )

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Can you try to describe in detail what you did to solve your problem ?

It might be of use to other endusers who have similar problems.

Please try to remember…and post it here.

Thanks a lot in advance !

By the way, which MID Codes are you using ? Did you add them already to the MEDIA COMPATIBILITY: GOOD RESULTS thread ?

Thanks !

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here the way i solved my prob.

1.) updating FW to 0043
2.) update Nero to
3.) stop any software: antivir, anydvd etc.
4.) burned with nero from dvd folder created with cyberlink powerproducer
5.) used media: dvd conmark dvd-r mid ritekg03

The result with conmark dvd-r burned with cyberlink powerproducer were ok for dvd-rom drive and btc drive not for standalone ch402. ( 3 times tried )
when burned the same moviefile with powerproducer on ridata dvd+rw ( i got with my burner ) and tdk dvd+rw, i had also no problem with my standalone.
so i think it´s a problem when using powerproducer and conmark dvd-r.


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