Solve the virus protection problem of iFonebox with us



Hey,Guys. How are you recently? Did you get along well with our iFonebox?

Recently, some of our customers report that iFonebox can not work with some virus protection software like Bitdefender, which will permanently disable our software every time it was turned back on.

Did you come across the same trouble when you use iFonebox? If so, you are welcomed to leave your problems here or contact us via e-mail: because the problem did not occurred at our side when we test it so we could not locate the problem was caused after we uploading it to website or its the bug of our software zip pack.

PS: iFonebox is 100% safe. Please be reassured to buy and download.
iFonebox will be your best iPhone data guard forever.
Get more detailed info about the bug report at:


I use this program with Iphones all the time and Eset A/V does not bother it at all.


Luckily,my Iphone runs smoothly even if I have ifonebox and virus protection software. Maybe the problem mentioned is just particular situation.