Solution to upgrade firmware lvw5005



I found the solution to upgrade my lvw5005.
After making the upgrade with liteon file
I attempt to put the hack version of 1098.
Only the message disk data, I try every solution of burning the cd-rw without success. (I try also to downgrade to 1091)
Now the solution:
Go into the Menu, System, and Default. This reset the lvw5005
Now you have to downgrade with the 1091 version, because if you try to put the hack version of 1098, the system is thinking that it is already upgrade.
Now, no more data disk message.
After you have the 1091, you can upgrade with the hach version of the 1098
Now I have 3 hours no mv

You can use this procedure if you have problem with disk data message, just make the reset, and put your upgrade disk.

Mayby it is because I use a different language, that the system see a data disk? I use French, After the upgrade I change to French.

Please note that file name are for us model with serial 0102 1840 0090 g2b9
After the update 0102 1840 0098 g2bd


tanks very,very much :wink:

you very,very helped me :wink:

after reseting default,my firmware cd work very weel :wink:


Now if I only had 1091 firmware


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