Solution to Nero Freezing at 99% of Verification

I’ve just had nero lock-up/freeze at 99% of verification. I had to restart the pc because the tray wouldn’t come out…

Anyway I checked the file sizes on the DVD and they were all exactly the same as the originals on the HDD. So I started looking for a program that can verify the dvd after the burn. I came across “Beyond Compare 2” in one of the threads in this forum and it did the job.

It’s very easy to use and it can compare each file on a the dvd with the original files on the hdd byte by byte.

In the end it turned out that although Nero froze during the last seconds of verification, the data on the DVD was intact. This means, I guess, that if Nero didn’t freeze, the verification would be successful.

Anyway… When Nero freezes, give this program a shot. You may find out your DVD is burned successfully and is not to be thrown in the waste basket.

Here’s a screenshot:

The little “=” signs appeared one at a time. It took only as much as Nero verification takes.

You can download the program from

Anyone has an objection to this method of saving dvd-rs from being thrown into the bin because of verification failures, please make your comment. Otherwise I take it this is a healthy method.