Solution to BinFlash v1.47 not executing flash after hitting Y

I’ve experienced this in both Mac OS X and Linux command line versions of BinFlash v1.47 when flashing Optiarc-AD-7200S DVD-RW drive.

When running the command line version the -dump command works fine, however when running the -flash command BinFlash exits without executing after the presentation of the disclaimer - when you press Y.

However if you use the -s flag to skip the disclaimer then BinFlash works flawlessly.


Fails #necflash -flash C:\NewFirmware.bin 1.0.0

Works #necflash -s -flash C:\NewFirmware.bin 1.0.0

This issue affects Mac OS X and Linux versions - solution works for Linux but not tested on Mac OS X but I suspect it will.

Despite this minor flaw - Kudos for some great tools guys.


on a keyboard with German layout, I would try the “z” key :wink:


z key probably won’t work as the application does not see the keyboard layout.

It’s very strange however because I can’t remember having changed that code recently. But I’ll take a look anyway.