Solution sought

ISSUE: Seeking to burn backup copies of DVD video disks.

I HAVE a Buslink high-speed DVD burner, Mod. 1647-U2.

Burning software I HAVE is ExpressBurn v.4.6, video

I can create ISO of contents of video disk I want to make backup copy for.

Media I tried is Memorex DVD+R DL. Error message says the ISO file is
larger than this media capacity.

Is the solution merely to order a higher capacity media? If so, what are the specs?

If not, what else will I need to get the job done.

How big is this ISO file & how was it created?

Welcome to the forums gigagil.

First off, are you trying to make backup copies of commercially made dvd movies? Or are these home-made? Commercial movies are encrypted and in order to back them up successfully, you’ll have to break the encryption.

There is one free decryption/ripping program that is still being updated to deal with new encryption as it comes out. That is DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the free section of DVDFab and will continue to function even after the trial for the main section of the program expires. You can find it here:

Once you have it on the hard drive after using DVDFab HD Decrypter, you should be able to do a direct copy to a double layer disk. Virtually no one around here would advise you to use Memorex brand DL disks however. The only reliable DL disks that are widely available are sold under the Verbatim brand. Burn them at 4x.

If the disks you are copying are not encrypted, I would use a free burning program called ImgBurn. It can create an ISO of the video and and then burn it to a DL disk. ImgBurn is highly recommended for double layer burns because it will handle the layer break correctly, which many burning programs simply do not do well.

You can find ImgBurn here:
and guides to using it:

Edit: If for some reason your ISO is still too large…not sure how that is going to happen, but if it is…you can reduce the size slightly using DVDShrink. It is a free compression program for dvd-video. To open an ISO with it, hit Ctrl I. Make sure to set the output in Shrink to a DVD-9, which is a double layer dvd.

[QUOTE=beef barley;2272512]How big is this ISO file & how was it created?[/QUOTE]
If I understand the error message correctly, the first disc ISO is 7094.53 Mb and the capacity of the Memorex DVD+R DL is 579.49 Mb.

I have read the Wikipedia articles on Mb (megabytes) and MB (mebibytes) and, as best I could grasp them the ISO measure (per the error message) indicates media capacity in Gb (gigabytes) or GB (gibabytes) which – as best I am able to grasp at present, is billions of bytes…

Even a single Gb is far in excess of 7094.53 Mb.

I’m new at this, but my math tells me 7094.53 million bytes would be the same as 7.09453 Gb.

Let me ask specifically: Is that right? Or is that wrong.

My next question pertains to encryption.

First of all, I have no desire to pirate anything. I only want backup copies in case the originals get damaged. The discs I am trying to back up are not movies, but are copyrighted, and I respect that.

There is no indication, so far as I have the knowledge to discern, of any encryption.

I don’t know whether it is better to burn a backup as a video disc or as a data disc. However, the only error message I have received is one saying the media I am trying to burn does not have the capacity to hold the contents of the first disc ISO.

I acknowledge and accept the superiority of Verbatim brand, and am ready to order.

If I obtain DVD+R media blanks as follows: Verbatim DVD+R 8.5 GB 2/4X, will that give me the media capacity indicated to be needed by the error message the ExpressBurn video software indicates.

Again, my math may be naive, but it seems to me that for an 8.5 GB capacity media disc a mere 7.09453 would be well within its capacity.

A math result is not better, of course, than the applicability of the perameters plugged into it. So… in my naivete, have I missed some critical element of the problem?

AFTER I have a media disc of sufficient capacity, I can cross whatever other bridge might be encountered, such as the possibility for a different burner or a different software program.

I noticed that the Buslink USB burner I have is NOT ON THE LIST of
hardware listed in format for submitting a question. Until now I have used it only for burning thousands of photographs from digital cameras. And the results have been superb. Odd, then, it seems to me, that it would not be found among the burners listed in this forum.


I would still recommend using ImgBurn to both make the ISO and burn to a Verbatim DL disk. Since these disks are not encrypted this should be an easy task.
Create ISO:
Burn ISO:

A double layer +R disk will hold 7.961gb of data. So your ISO should fit this without issues.