Solution for Nero and Plextor 708A probs

Today Ahead released two new patches for the critical buggy Version of Nero 6.00.15 and

  • Nero551050Issue5203Patch.exe

  • Nero60015Issue5203Patch.exe


I tested it with my PX-708A and the Ver. 6.00.15. and a Verbatim DVD+ Medium.

Now it works fine. No failure with closing the Session. The Problem seems to be solved. I hope !!


Thanks for letting us know USFlatliner. I’ve posted this information on our mainpage.


Didn’t work for me…I cleaned out everything from the registry and than did the install of 6.00.15 rebooted and than installed the patch, rebooted again. Still got the same error at the end of the burn. Wouldn’t close out.

Back to the

Doesn’t work for me either, same problem.

Quite a similar patch has been floating around for at least 10 days - just compare the content of those 2

That is the same file that fixes the overburn problem not the problem with closing DVD+R with PX-708a. You can find this out by going to NERO’s homepage and scrolling down to the bottom left.

    G@M3FR3@K wrote

The information I received is that this patch fixes the ‘no overburning bug’ and not the Plextor PX-708A DVD+R bug. More information on the patch is on our mainpage here.

This is the same patch we refered to here

Yeh, I’m still having the disc closing problem with this patch. Still no solution for

Does’nt Ahead test their s/w before selling it on or patching it - this is just ridiculous. Nero adds as mnay bugs each time as it fixes. Finalising, burning in new writers to +r, etc, are common tasks that should be tested - disgusting imho.

I like Nero, and I have legit versions bundled with my recorders and bought - but this nonsense of upgrading to find basic things stop working :frowning:

Yeah this is indeed frustrating :frowning:

I will edit the information on the mainpage.