Solution 4 Plex problems under Win XP

I posted this also in another thread, but I think this topic deserves its own thread, so I post it again here.
I have a Plex 1210A, which worked great under Win Me/Win NT (dual boot)
After a major fuckup I installed Win XP on my Win ME partition.
Then after installing all the EcCD 5 platinum stuff the way Roxio wants it for XP (that ain’t simple) I always got the message: “please insert a media with sufficient space” It turns out that Win XP cannot recognize it fully as a recordable CD.
When I press CD info in EcCD 5 platinum it recognizes it as a CDR with enough space, however actually before recording it fails to recognize it as a recordable, so it keeps me prompting to insert a recordable.
However, the CD IS recognized PARTLY as a recordable and this drives EcCD 5 platinum crazy: it gets veeerrry slow, it crashes.
With WinOnCD 3.8 it’s worse: no prob until I start writing and then the system hangs an does a spontaneous reboot, then in scandisk it hangs again.
The first time this happened the harddisk was not recognized in the BIOS anymore, only after turning the computer on and off it booted again.
BTW, under Win NT/ nero 5.5 there is no prob


:wink: THE SOLUTION: :wink:

I put the latest firmware in the Plex and had no more problems
Case closed.

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