Solo 5300 RAM problem



Check it out…i have an old school gateway solo 5300 laptop (make your comments now…proceed) with 1 gig PIII and 128MB of RAM (PC100, 100 MHz, CL2). I recently purchased two 256Mb SODIMMs to give it a boost. When receiving them I noticed they were CL3 vice CL2. In addition, my computer does not recognize them and will not boot with them installed. Even when I installed one of them along with the old 128mb cl2 stick, it will only recognize the 128mb ram. So, I ask anyone who know what I am tlaking about, is there anyway to get my old school solo to recognize these sticks and operate like it’s supposed to. ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Make sure you use pc 100 SDRAM - This is what gateway says:
Do not use PC133, if u do so, windows file protection errors will occur.
System memory
Memory type

Synchronous DRAM system memory

Memory expansion options

Two 144-pin industrial standard SO-DIMM sockets
Accepts 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 MB SDRAM modules in any combination
Use only PC100 memory modules.

To determine your notebook’s memory:

In Windows XP, click Start, then select My Computer. Click View System Information. The amount of memory is listed.

In Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows 98, click Start, then select Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then System Information. The amount of memory is listed.