SolidBurn firmware for the Philips DVDR1648P1



Upgradeable drives:

[ul]DVDR1628K/00 (Kit)
[li]DVDR1648K/00 (Kit)
[/li][li]DVDR16STK/00 (Save Your Tapes)
[/li][li]PBDV1648S/35 (Silver bulk)

Windows Ident. String:


Changes from P1.2 to P2.2

[ul]Released 13 September 2005
[li]Added SolidBurn â„¢ technology when writing on DVD+R and DVD-R. SolidBurn â„¢ determines the best writing strategy for DVD+R and DVD-R media automatically and maximizes the recording speed on these media. More info can be found in a separate document (Philips introduces Solidburn.pdf).
[/li][li]When SolidBurn â„¢ is used during writing, the LED will flash faster then normal.

You can download the Philips SolidBurn P2.2 firmware here.


Thanks jan70. :bow:

Now we have to check if ala42 is at home… WE NEED P2.2 .CVT. :bigsmile:


I doubt that you want to use 0.57x scan speed speed, no PIF scan, +R/-R read speed reduced from 16x (P1.2) to 12x (P2.2).


No problem… here


Thanks Quikee. :bow:

Now we just have to wait for the “new” WOPC Tool for BenQ 1640, Philips 1628/1648. :wink:




No problem here ala42… I still have my beloved 1620 that runs at full speed and repports whatever I need to know. :smiley:


Looks like Philips has done their homework better than BenQ. I rarely get a 99QS @12x on this problematic Fuji branded YUDEN000-T02 media.
No problem when on Philips P2.2 firmware though. :clap:

Note, first (learning) burn. OS and SB on,
WOPC on (can’t be disabled in QSuite for Philips…?)


Thanks jan :clap: :smiley:

*Does Solid burn enable know media by default ?


SolidBurn and Overspeed burning can be controlled via Nero v6.6.0.17 (f) on the Philips DVDR1648P1 (firmware P2.2).


BenQ 1640 too?


Sorry,in official site of Nero is only,where can i find version

Sorry for my language but i no speack english.
Tank you


I tried.

ala42 is right.

scan speed: ~ 0.6x
read speed: 12x max
NO PIF scan.


scan speed: ~ 0.6x
read speed: 12x max
NO PIF scan.



I have a philips 1628p drive. How do I upgrade that? It doesn’t work with original firmware upgrade. Thanks


Hi ziget, and welcome to our forum.

The Q2.2 SolidBurn firmware for your Philips 1628P1 drive, can be downloaded at:


Jan70 > Is there a Philips s/w for Solid Burn or just in the new Nero or BenQ’s QSuite?


As expected the Philips 1628P1 Q2.2 firmware differs only in the drive id and a timestamp from Philips 1648P1 P2.2.


At the time being, Philips have no plans to release their own program for controlling the SolidBurn and Overspeed feature on their SolidBurn drives, since the features/controls are integrated in Nero Burning Room and Nero CD-DVD Speed v.4.06 / v.4.07.


What about cleaning the EEPROM for learned media’s for now or is it in Nero