Solidburn and 1620



since solidburn enables overspeed. 1620 already does that. so it’s already in 1620 fw right?


The 1620 has the write speeds set by it’s Firmware and really has nothing to do with Solid burn AFAIK. Example if to try to write YUDEN000 T02 with 1640 Solid burn/ Overspeed off it will write at 8x top speed,(set by drives FW) When you turn Solid Burn/ Overspeed on it will write at 16x. So it is different. Some one please correct me if I am wrong.:slight_smile:


I believe you are right crossg - the firmware strategy already has some media overspeed support built in. This DOES NOT MEAN SOLIDBURN IS THERE, solidburn is different. It allows overspeed for the firmware that does not already have overspeed setting/strategy by learning the data from the disc. This does not yet happen with 1620’s


Will Solid Burn be implemented in the 1620? Any one with connections at Benq have any Idea?


No it wont, when Philips announced solidburn they stated that it was for their forthcoming DVDR1648 and DVDR1628 drives only, the BenQ 1640 is the BenQ version of the DVDR1648.