SolidBurn always on?

Is there any reason to not keep SolidBurn on for known and unknown discs?

Well, you never want to have Solidburn (SB) off for unknown discs, as that means your burner (the BenQ1640) won’t be able to burn that media, since an “unknown” disc means it’s not listed in the burners database, and therefore has no write stategy for it. To have SB off for known discs (media that the 1640 has a write strat for) is a default option; to have it on is one the user chooses. In my experience, SB works best in lowering the PIE total errors and jitter under the BSLB firmware (f/w), while under BSOB in my experience, SB does not seem to work, or works very inconsistently under BSOB (might lower jitter under 1 burn, but not another). What some people do is activate SB even for known media when they decide to disable WOPC to save time burning. In that case, having SB on is like a ‘safety net,’ kind of replacing WOPC’s function in that example.

As Quema34 said, different people get different results.
Personally, I have SilidBurn active for all media.
I get good results, especially with MCC 003.
Your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

Damn, another of those crazy variables without a universal answer.

But thanks for the answers!

User preference :wink:

Solid burn is on for all with my 1648!!! When I don’t want it I use my 1620!!

Ok, ill add my $0.02

Solidburn for unknown media - Should always be on. No point in turning it off as listed above. Why would anyone want to totally remove the drive from even attempting to guess a good stratagy for an unknown media.

Solidburn for known media - Tricky. If you have alot of the same media type to burn or you have suspected or known fake media then I would probably suggest turning this on. If you only have 5 of each type (includes same codes but different batch e.g. 5 packs of media but you have 20 of them purchased at different times) then leave it off (unless you get really bad errors) as this will use the built in stratagy. By leaving it off you forgo the learning phase that needs a few discs to tune it.

WOPC - I would probably suggest leaving this on. I have experimented with it and it can give better results with it disabled BUT you must have very good media. If I disable it on my Verbatim 16x+R’s I get slightly reduced PIF’s but any of my other media gets ALOT worse, I now leave it on.

Overspeed - Personal choice. As has been stated some media gives very good results when burnt faster than reccomended. I have some -R 1x discs that burn with great results at 12x. The thing I do like is if the drive is at all unsure it will slow the burn down.