SolidBurn (1640), how many disks does it take to 'learn'



I was wondering how many disks one must ‘lose’ in order for the BenQ1640 to ‘learn’ that media.


Just one.

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don’t think you’ll get magical instant results with SolidBurn. I’ve found very slight differences are all you can expect.


Well, I believe WOPC II would be enough. However, you’ll need to have SolidBurn activated if you’re gona overspeed.



What happens after the 6th media code in Solid Burn. Is that all it can do? What if you want to get rid of just one media code? Can that be done? If you have a bad burn should you clean the epphrom of all learned media codes? I don’t know. If anyone does please help me?


I would also like to add a question to this thread if I may, no hijacking intended. Does Solidburn only learn certain types of media (DVD+R or - R or +R DL) or should it learn any media burned with the drive? I have it set to learn all, even known ones. I ask because I’ve burned a few +R DL discs (Memorex branded Ritek discs) and they are not listed as learned. The +R TY02 disc I used shows up, but it’s the only one.



Mine has the following listed:

CMCMAGE01 (+R, still burns like shit, no difference)
TYG02 (-R, excellent media, no difference in burn quality)
RICOHJPNR03 (+R, garbage media, no difference in burn quality)
YUDEN000T02 (+R, supreme media, no difference in burn quality)


All questions, no answers.


Solidburn does not work with DL media.


Looks like you would have to clean the EEPROM after 6, I made a suggestion in the Suggestions to BenQ thread to allow the removal of selected media instead of clearing all of the learned media. Maybe they will fix this.


1640 has learning like liteon? does 1620?


Yes, the 1620 owner can learn to use quality media at certain speed to get a good burn.


no don’t spam it’s a legit question.

question is whether the 1620 has learning like 1640? also if it’s like liteon’s learning


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any proggy that disables 1620’s learning?

Ok, here: no learning in 1620.


thanks for the answer.



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Hi :slight_smile:
My experiences with solid burn are that results can vary. In theory solid burn takes a sample of disc >writes to it >assesses it >adjust & repeat as needed.
In practice it appears that the f/w does not always take 100%, so it can pay to reflash & if this doesn’t work go back to a previous f/w. Then upgrade again. Do not assume that you’ll need to flash same f/w twice. Only do this if results are poor/inconsistant.
When f/w has taken the improvements can be impressive. This will tend to vary with TY or Verbatim may see litle or no improvement. With poorer mediathe results can vary a lot. Just think if the media is that bad then when solid burn tries to retrieve the relevant info from trial write,this may be so poor as to be of little use. If retrieval is successfull then improvements can be worthwhile.
If your using MCSE, it can limit reaction that you get. I’ve two 1640’s one with MCSE (reader) & one without.
MCSE is excellent in improving readspeed & swopping strats, for those who wish to do so, however if you’re happy to let solid burn do its thing then I’ve found it best without MCSE when writng(probably prefer with MCSE when reading). I believe this says more about solid burn & its limitations than MCSE. After all solid burn is in its infancy. But the future looking good.
In terms of how many discs it should be one (more often than not it is), but I’ve seen improvements over two to three discs & while this could be put down to media I feel that has not been the case here as once third disc has been written results stabalise & are consistant until you clean EPROM.


El_Mariachi_X, I have to say that a lot of your questions could be answered by using the search function. Please do so in the future.

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