Solid State Doctor – A quick look

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Solid State Doctor from LC Technology, is a feature packed SSD toolbox designed to work with any SSD.
So, what features does it have, and how does it perform?
Let’s find out in this quick review.

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As always Dee a great review, sounds like software that I might be interested in.

I know you are going to be interested in it, and so are our members, its a great piece of software and as far as I am concerned, something that everyone with an SSD can use and benefit from. Wendys review was awesome, plenty of discussion of this one.

I agree - genuinely useful ‘generic’ functions

(Clone, with partition resizing, is nice)

Regds, JR

Nice review :slight_smile:

It comes across as a handy piece of software to have. Must try this :wink:

Kind regards,