Solid state disk drives from Ritek

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After announcing to enter in the market of flash memory, according to an article published by Ritek now announces that it’s close to launch a 2.5-inch notebook-ready non-volatile Flash…

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This technology is the future, if prices came down on 10-20Gb SSD that used SATA300 (or future SATA connections) the speed of loading operatingsystems would be reduced to 5-7sec. Tomshardware has reviews of this, sounds promising. Who wouldn’t want to have a harddrive that has a sustained transfer rate that reached (and used) the capacity transfer limitations of SATA300. SPEEEEEEED :smiley: After all, the harddrives we use today can’t go any faster, not if they want to spend lots of money on development, for now they are trying to get more space onto harddrives and they are fast enough as it is. This could complement the standard harddrive to be used for storage.

Right, Dennis. Give it at least 5 years and we’ll probably be seeing such drives around. appears to be selling a few right now and more in 2007. 64 GiB in a few months (obviously at a very high price) anyone?

Lets face it you only really need fast flash drives for OS and programs initially. Intelligent design could put the most used program files onto the flash drive in the background and less used programs in normal slower hard drive space for now.