Solid PIF - is it bad?

I have a NEC 3540 that has been taking an hour to burn DVD-r at 4x or 8x. When I test them in Nero CD-DVD speed they show a solid PIF of 1 or 2.

The problem I’ve found out was a small utility called cdtray I used to open & close the tray door as my base unit is in a different room to my monitor.

What I want to know is, how bad is a solid PIF?

This is a chart of a Verbatim TYG02 burnt at 8x - the cdtray app was running and it was only 10% after 12mins, I shut down the app and Nero 6.6 then started burning at 4x upwards. As you see once the app is closed down it looks fine, and the solid PIF is from interference with the app and not physical defects.

As this DVD is for archiving is the solid PIF bad (I assume as its not caused by the media it shouldn’t get worse over time), Just I’ve a couple of dozen discs backed up that way.

Absolutely nothing to worry about there. :slight_smile:

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Check if you have DMA enabled; 1 hour for a 8x burn is really too much!

DMA is enabled - the problem as I stated above - was a piece of freeware I had installed when I’d upgraded my burner (in that example it was on 10% after 12 minutes, once I uninstalled the s/w it completed the burn in another 6 or so minutes - so was the softwarwe).

Just really the worry over solid PIF caused by the software interfering with the burning process.

@philamber. Thanks, just wanted a reaffirmation :smiley:

I miss it. Probably I was in a hurry when I read your post.

Sorry for my mistake :flower: