Solid Burn & RW


seems to be a silly question, but I haven’t found here nor in QSuite’s docu ( version 2.1) any hint:

Doesn’t work Solid Burn for DVD RWs?

I’ve used lots of them with Solid Burn activated for supported and unsupported media, but none showed as learnt discs.



Nope sorry

Yes, all documents only specify SolidBurn with ±R media and they don’t mention ±RW or ±R DL.

Wonder why. Where did you find that?


Good question. Maybe BenQ/Lite-On engineers have an answer for you.

here. (Link originally provided by zebadee.)

Here are some more links I kept in my favorites:

SolidBurn flyer:
QSuite Manual:
Philips introduces SolidBurn (July 06, 2005):
Philips introduces SolidBurn (Version 1): (seems not working anymore)