Solid Burn question

Sorry if this has been covered, but I HAVE searched and can’t find a positive answer.
If I have Solid Burn turned on for known media, the media is learned. Later on if I turn the feature back to off for known media, what strategy is now being used? Is it going to use what it learned or is it going to use the factory installed strategy? I guess, what I am wondering is once you enable it, should you always use it?
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It will still use the latest learned strategy unless you clear it.Only then will the drive revert back to the firmware’s default strategy.

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With SB disabled your drive uses the strategy in the f/w, the default strategy if you like. When you enable SB it will learn from the 1st disc & goes on learning. The only difference between the 1st burn & say the 9th burn is the point at whiich SB starts. With the 1st disc it will start at a defualt for SB, which is not necessarily the same as the strat already contained in the f/w. With the 9th disc the start point will be from where the 8th disc ‘left off’. Once you have ‘learned memory’ if you disable SB, the drive uses the default strat in the f/w & not the learned. This is if you like bypassed. When you re-enable SB it will return to the learned memory for its start reference. With SB enabled the learning is ongoing. In other words never stops.

I see.Sorry for the misinformation there.
Me mistake. :doh:

I just wish I could turn solid burn off and still get overspeed.

Am I correct that the only way to over speed (with no solid burn) is a strategy swap?

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centrilium. No worries. We all start at the beginning.
“He who doesn’t make mistakes. Is either a liar or just doesn’t do anything.” :bigsmile:
MegaDETH. Yes you are correct. OS can only be used with SB enabled. The obvious theory behind this, is to prevent coasters. Hence despite all the ‘party pieces’ a lot of users will still use MCSE( :bow: ) & why not.