Solicited Information

I have been using the trial version if DVDFab Platinum for about 4 days. So far its been working well. Now I am being asked to provide info about the source I am copying. After providing the info the applictions says that it needs to close.
Is this a known bug ? Attached is the screen dump of what I get when it happens.

Transferring to the DVD Fab forum…

Hi 'Bama. This sometimes happens if the movie has a new copy protection scheme or there is a device/driver conflict. I have not seen the screens you posted, they may be new. Give us a little more information about: your OS, drives, etc. and whether Platinum will still copy other movies. What is the title of the one that causes the crash? Do you have the latest version ( of DVDFab?

I am using XP service pack 2. The drive is a NEC +RW. It seems its just the one movie thats causing the problem. “Nativity” The one strange thing is I have copied this movie previously with no issues. I also make the copies from the VOB files on my hard drive.

The versio is

Try beta,some have had crash problems with,look at the top of forum for download link.

Those reports are the error logs produced and contain no personal information, so fengtao and Ting can come up with an update.


Sorry, I had to run out. I agree with tgidday that you should update to before trying anything else. Let us know if it works.:slight_smile: