Soldner & Topology with BW5.x not readable?

I can not read the topology from Soldner-Secret Wars with BW5.x ? BWTweaker 1.5.6 used “Always extract topology” - nothing, bw5 is not reading the topology from soldner-cdrom.
Anyone same problem?

Soldner-Secret Wars have a modified Securom 5.02.x protection?

How should i burn this game without topology?

Can i use bwa-files with plextor-premium-writemethod?

Profi take a look here SecuROM 4.8+( using BW5Tweaker, BlindWrite5, TwinPeak method or Plextor Premium :).

Yes, i have looked this. Thx.

But i thought, Plex Prem and BW5 done securoms without any manually bwa-files. bw5.x should this done automatically be reading any titles with topology. BTW…the bwtweaker have not read the topology, but i have checked the “always read topology”. This is a bug, or?

Now i have done a bwa-file from soldner-secretwars with bwabuilder and took this with bwtweaker1.5.6. The copy runs now fine without any emulations.

Can anyone answer, why eg. soldner with automatic-settings from bw5.x + plex prem without bwtweaker can not make a copy, because topology is not read from soldner-cd, but with the same settings eg. other securom-titles how blitzkrieg-burning horizon does this???

Its the soldner-cd and the custom securom so different, that bw5.x can not check the topology-reading correctly???

The bw-team should check this, or?