Soldiers of WW2 succsessfully backuped

I´m very surprised. I tried to make an copy from S.o.F WW2.
I used the latest version from Blindwrite (5.25.138). I have expected again an coaster. But these backup is now running very well.
I have luck with these components/settings :
Reader : Plextor TS 820 SCSI CDR
Burner : Lite-on DVD Combo S411 with ATAPI to SCSI Apapter
System : PIV 3.2, 512 DDR, Win98SE

Settings : Blindwrite reading as default (Plextor 820 max. 12x)
Blindwrite writing with BT Tweaker to 4x on S411
Medium : Intenso 700Mb Cd-RW
The same try with an Cdr medium faults.
After starting the game the protection check takes an longer time as with the original - think about 2 min. Now the game starts normally an works perfekt. I have also CloneCd and Alcohol 120% installed, but there was no need to deactivate the virtual drivers. And the game runs with both devices.
Hope, this helps.

This is a useless, such occasional succesess with starforce are known for ages, you’ve made a nice coaster, try it in a couple more different readers(and consider that reader or writer doesn’t matter with starforce). Imagine you upgrade your drives and your nice collection of starforce backups ceases to function all at once. That’s just because starforce is too precise, which means some % of originals don’t pass the check and some % of copies plainly burnt with nero with no extra settings do pass the check in some circumstances(things that matter are media used - a bit - and reader used(not for image creation, that doesn’t matter in this case at all, since you’re not even measuring dpm, but for reading at authentication stage) - the most, writer used does not matter, maybe the slightest bit, better burn quality might mean not getting authenticated in this case, so affects of used writer will be quite unpredictable anyway)… And more uselessness of this whole idea is because for now a 100% working way of backing up starforce protected cds is known - with mini-images. So there’re hundreds of reports like yours, but they don’t mean the slightest bit, most likely even you won’t be able to reproduce it on another media of the same type, and likely not be able to back-up another starforce title with same seeming ease.

Using ‘mini-images’ worked well for me until XpandRally, this version of StarForce seems to ‘know’ the trick. So in my personal experience there is no 100% work around for StarForce protected games. Hopefully there’ll be one in the future :).

For sure what was posted originally can’t count even as 2% workaround

did you really need to flame?

Do you really need to waste posts? He is just pointing a out a very valid point.

ok, i know that some poeple get occasional sucess with starforce 3, but i was commenting on the way Destruct responded.

also i find peoples occasional suceess usefull, as if somebody has the same drives they will have a good chance of making a similer (and possibly working) backup.

ben :slight_smile: