Soldiers of Fortune, Messiah or Daikatana?



What do you think about the following games: Soldier of Fortune, Messiah and Daikatana.
Which of these 3 is the best one?


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in my opinion is SoF the best game, very realistic, great atmosphere, awesome graphic. i like the realistic deathmatch modus, it is very funny.

messiah is too buggy. i havent played daikatana for a long time, only for 10 minutes or so, but i dont like it. fighting against flys and frogs in the first level. very bad orientation. graphics arent that bad, bad also not very impressive. i am talking only about the first level.


not to forget Sof has the best AI-engine


Soldier of Fortune !

Daikatana is also a good game and i don’t know Messiah.


sof is the best messiah is nice and diaktana
haventi played yet so cant judge that game
-= live`s a bitch so fuck her hard!! =-