Soldiers Heroes of World War II

How to I burn/install this game? I cant get it to work… tried to burn it with alcohol 120%, with staforce 1,2,3, daemon tools… it doesent work… how?


The protection list forum is only for posting games and what they are protected with.

Daemon tools has no starforce emulation option.
Starforce 3 (which your title uses) is not copiable at the moment.

quite strange that they release a game then, and describes how to copy it… To burn it with alcohol 120% and with starforce 1,2,3 enabled…

Who exactly are you talking about?
I am finding it hard to imagine a game publisher releasing a copy protected title complete with copying instructions.




Make sure that you burn using Alcohol 120% and use starforce 1,2,3 to get the game to run

Anyone that got this game working?

Never in my life have I seen Installation notes like that from a legally purchased game, it is obvious you are talking about a downloaded image/game.
I think you should read The Rules before posting again as these sort of posts are against the rules.