Soldiers:heroes of world war 2 -HOW TO BACK UP?


can someone please help me to backup SOLDIERS:HEROES OF WORLD WAR 2- i realy want to make a backup copy. is it possible and how do i go about to make one?


Hi sharky,

I think Alcohol 120 % is able to crack every which has been used untill today, but I’m not quite sure. Just try it out. You can download a free Trial of Alkohol 120 % at

True, but you will still need to use an img file available from in order to play SHOWW2. After you finish installing the game, you will need to physically unplug the IDE and power cable for EVERY CD/DVD drive in your system, reboot your system and then mount the img using Daemon. And you will need to keep all CD/DVD drives disconnected as long as you are playing the game.

starforce 3, tages, some versions of vob protect cd - these are not copied until today!
and “soldiers” has starforce 3 on it, i think…
so, no “real backup” possible, just the trick with mounting an image (maybe also using starfuck to avoid unplugging your ide-drives physically)…