Soldier of Fortune



I need your help
I've download the ISO files of SOF.

I've unrared the files.

Until yet everything is ok.

I got 2 files. One *.cue about 1 ko and one *.bin about 750 000 ko.

Maybe I did something wrong with CDRWIN 3.7 because I never used it before.

Here is what I did :

First I open CDRWIN, insert a 80 min blank CD and click on RECORD DISC. After I click on LOAD CUESHEET and select the *.cue files and finally I click on START RECORDING. The CD was well done but when I insert it on my CD-ROM it is illisible.

What happened?



Invalid serial for CDRWin perhaps? Just guessing, here is my advice. Get Fireburner at and just forget about CDRWin. Fireburner does the job correct, i’ve burned the SOF ISO without problems.

Greetz Scorpion


Think to that you used a invalid serial…but you can download a working serial generator (tested by me)


I would say:
Scorpion is right. i had the same problem (but not with s.o.f.)