Soldier of fortune 2

Anyone been able to back up soldier of fortune 2: double helix? I haven’t been able to do it yet. Made a few coasters.

Yes, I backed it up with my LiteOn 40x using the default Game CD profile in CloneCD (with AWS turned off for my burner). This game doesn’t seem to have any SD2 protection on it so I’m wondering what’s causing those coasters you’re creating.

Maybe securom?

Really don’t know.

But the default game profile in CCD 4 should do the trick. Just make sure to enable “Hide CD-R media” if you want to play the backup from a CD-RW drive.

If it still do not work you may try with “Don’t repair subchannel data” checked.

I have been able to using CloneCD4 and my Acer 1832A. Just use the Game Profile in CloneCD and it will work. The only protection on SOF2 is a cd check. It was the same for RTCW as well.