Soldier of Fortune 2 - CD2DVD - How?

Any1 knows how to get the 2 CDs of SoF2 on 1 DVD?

Tried it but the game still asks me for CD2 on installation!

…and please no mounting issues as I want the game install from DVD!

easy rip the contents with isobuster as files…then have two folders…disc 1 and disc 2…then burn it with nero or something as a data disc…when it asks for disc 2 specify the dvd rom drive but go to disc 2 folder…and boom

Thanks but I like it to be installed in one step. Normally this could be made by editing the *.msi-file but SoF2 has none.
Tried to put the *.pak3-files from CD2 into CD1 but it still asks for CD2 when installing.

The game uses the “Install Wizard” program …you would need the SDK of that program to figure out how to edit the install

Sure about that or does it use “Install Shield”, cause I downloaded Install Wizard and try to edit the Setup.exe but that didn’t work?

try install shield …one of the two