Soldier of Fortune 2 and ECC/EDC Errors?

I had been reading in the forums that SoF2 had no protection. I promptly stuck my cds in and used CloneCD (4.x) to back them up. when I put the backed-up install CD in, autoplay promptly comes up and freezes.
I then ran blindwrite to to a controlled speed read (1x-4x, auto-adjust), i think reading subs was on, as I couldn’t fogure out how to do a slower read with CloneCD. What I got was a whole bunch of ECC/EDC errors.
It would be nice to back up these. If there errors are coming from scratches, even more important to back them up. Any suggestions?

Writer: Lite-on LTR32123S w/xs0z firmware update
Reader: Lite-On 163D
CloneCD 4.x
Blindwrite 4.2.5


SOFII is unprotected so if you’re getting read errors it’s almost certainly because of damage to the cds.

To get a clean error free copy, read with blindread using nibble method without subs and burn with blindwrite using SAO cooked. That will repair the errors and your copy should be error free.

Thanks Philamber; this seems to be working for me so far :slight_smile: