Soldier Of Anarchy help

Has anyone made a working back up of Soldier Of Anarchy yet? Clony and others protection scanner detected no error nor securom new in there. But there were a lot of read errors when I used Blindwrite v4.2.7.0. My Lite On hads been reading for nine hours and still keep on reading, so I gave up. Use Clone CD the same.

I believe that this game uses a custom protection that combines the latest securom with a shed load of bad sectors.

I don’t know if it will be possible to make a bwa file of the cd but if you can do so (perhaps by limiting it to 50,000 sectors) then a clonecd read with intelligent bad sector scan on would probably enable you to create an image that you can patch with twinpeak and then burn to create a working back-up.

I’ve tried again with Clone CD v4.2.0.2 with fast error skip and intelligent bad scanner on and read speed set to max. Using my Lite On 24 writer. It took longer than last time and is continue to read. I yet don’t know what was going on. It encounter more than 30,000 sectors something I don’t remember I should have save the log but I forgot. Anyway it’s the hardest game to back up[so far. Previously I made another image with Clone CD v4.2.0.2 with Fast Erro Skip only read spped Max. Loaded the image in virtue Clone drive the game loaded immediately install and play fine. As soon as I put the image onto the CD. It didn’t work except allow you to install then you end up with an error message.:frowning:

Can anyone come up with a decent name for this “new” Securom 4.8x ??
I assume you have the us version 'cos the uk one isn’t out until February time.
I’m not surprised that the developers are from Germany just as most cd backup expert are!!!