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I am on a deployment in Iraq at the moment and haveing a slight problem :doh: .the iraqies sell dvd i believe they are region 9.They will play in most dvd players but will not show up on any computer. The drives dont even show a disc in them.Most people in my unit all have labtops and we all have this problem.Does anyone know how to make theys dvd show up or any software so we can view them :slight_smile:


This is a shot in the dark for me, but goto, download AnyDVD, and try again with AnyDVD running in the background. AnyDVD should remove the region code. :iagree:


Have a look here:

Give one of the above tools a go, your hardware is region-locked. Region 9 is actually region-free, that’s why the players accept it and PCs do not. DVD43 is a free tool, not too bad. Another possibility is the DVDs were done badly. :wink:


I already use Anydvd and CloneDVD.


Heh, and I was so sure of my answer, just goes to show… :stuck_out_tongue: How about trying another region-free tool? If that fails, then…crummy discs? Weird that none of the laptops can see them, it’s almost like a wrong format thing, +/-R. What software have you tried playing them with?


We have tried windvd, cyberlink Power DVD deluxe.Asl have tried using DVD region css proxtion program. but the wierd thing is that the drives register the disks as no disk at all
My personal labtop plays plus and minus so i know its not that problem.


Actually there is no region 9. Taken from the DVD Wikipedia:
Region 0 - Informal term meaning “playable in all regions”
Region 1 - Bermuda, Canada, United States and U.S. territories
Region 2 - The Middle East, Europe, Egypt, Greenland, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland
Region 3 - Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan
Region 4 - Central America, Oceania, South America, Mexico
Region 5 - The rest of Africa, Eastern Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Mongolia, North Korea
Region 6 - Mainland China
Region 7 - Reserved for future use
Region 8 - International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships, etc.

Does the packaging say “Region 9” on it?? Because it doens’t exist :slight_smile:
The first time you put a dvd in your drive, the playback software should ask you to set a region. I’m assuming you have done this and it’s set to region 1? What dvd drive does you laptop have, there are some utilities to reset it lots of times (more than 5)? I’m not sure they would work on a laptop drive, but if you could find out the exact region coding of the discs, you might be able to change it to match. Your dvd’s I’m guessing are most likely Region 2 or 3.

EDIT: I just reread your last post. Are they burned discs? Because if so they are most likely not region coded.


Yes they are burnt dvds.There is no way 2 tell the rgion code anyways because the disk dont show up in the drive


if im not mistaking burnt dvds dont have a region code,is the dvd media finalized?
does your drive supports the media type? (-r/+r)


Burnt DVD’s most certainly DO have a region code.


What kind of dvd drive do you have in it. You can use Nero info tool to see what make and model the drive is. Maybe you can flash the firmware to have region free drive.


I’m going to, at this point, run with the “maybe the discs aren’t finalized or are incorrectly burnt” guess. Hard to say…


Don’t know how you are deployed in Iraq but in your contact with the Iraqi people, could you possibly ask somebody to try to play the discs in one of their stand alones, or better yet in one of their lap tops to see if they play in their equipment.
If they don’t, then Gurm would be correct with his guess of not finalized or improperly burned.

Thank you for protecting our way of life and stay safe.


Burned discs can either be region coded, or region free. It depends on how they were burned and who did them.


I have a samsung p35 with euro specs.The iraqie say that the movies have no region code and that will explain why it will play in a regular DVD player, but does not account for why it wont play in a euro or american computer, we have tried dells,samsung,sony, hp, alienware computer rangeing from desktops 2 notebook.So i really dont think it has anything 2 do with the region code but am lost on why it will play in a regular dvd player.Most of the time you get this problem its the other way around


I’m going with Gurm, I don’t think they are finalized.


if they are not finalized how can they be played on a reg dvd player


What DVD drives do you have avaluable for you to use?
Also are you avle to rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter, and then play it back from the hard drive?

Ben :slight_smile:


DVD Players don’t know anything about the disc formatting… they just read it physically. Same as you can play non-finalized CD’s on your CD player.


Try using DVD Shrink ( and then copying it to a DVD-R/RW