Soldering problem 8163B - General solder help problem!

Aw, It seems like such a waste for this to go to the trash. Anyway:

Here is a picture of the problem I have:

They are now just Just brown parts I cant scrape under due to microchips! Just borwn holes solder won’t stick to. I even tried solder paste (no help). Can’t poke holes and thread wire thur- microchips on other side (of ALL three).

Anyway he uses some resisters I can’t get at radio shack (but the one I get are just fine really).

Here are the mods I must make, well ALL of the copper leads are gone for the mod , GRRR!!!. Its like they make them to fall off the minute solder touches them. Now so what I did was find a continuity tester underneath all the leads. Guess what? They are all chips/microchips. So I figure I solder a resister to the small little metal part on the microchip attached to the board. Not sure if thats working so well for me as the drive isn’t working and would a dvd power to molex converter work in this case? That almost seems irrelevant at this moment until I can get the copper poarts back on to solder onto.

Anyway imagine many of the tiny copper parts were missing, you were left with brown holes and nothing to scrape. HOW Would you fix it??? I am pretty sure I can do the other stuff (continuity tester says so.) What do they use to affix copper to pcb board anyway? Please help me get these leads fixed! Thanks!!