Solar-Powered Animal, Oriental Hornet



It turns out that an Oriental hornet’s shell can trap sunlight, while the pigment xanthopterin converts it to energy. This explains why the hornet is most active mid-day.

I can just see someone trying to change our skin cells pigment so it will convert sunlight to energy so all we have to is hook a wire to our skin and drive our cars.


I wonder if we can build xanthopterin power plants.


Probably it will be useless :bigsmile:

I think (but I’m not sure at 100%) that chlorophyll is much more efficient, but the catch is that these molecules are good to produce [I]biological energy[/I], i.e. molecules that can be used for energetic purposes by living beings only.

For industrial purposes biological energy is pretty useless (except for the one used by people working in factories) :bigsmile: