Solar Eclipse Tonight

Dunno who else saw it, or had it in their country, but it was something interesting to watch tonight.

Sorry for the crappy cam shots.

I heard on the radio that here (The Netherlands) we also had the Solar Eclipse … it was from 3.00 until 5.30 (if I’m correct), I was asleep at that time.

Why weren’t you asleep xtacydima??

It was from 9:30 - 10:00pm here, and I don’t go to sleep that early :wink:

You should. :cop:

Everyone needs a good night sleep once in a while. :iagree:

That was cool.I forgot about it but my friend called to remind me.Nice pics.

Yeah I saw it too. I’ve never been able to see a lunar eclipse previously because I live in Fog City, USA. But the sky was clear last night; perfect for star gazing.

Btw, it’s called lunar eclipse. Solar eclipse is when the moon obstructs the sun’s light. I was lucky enough to witness partial solar eclipse back in the early 90’s.

We here in Australia missed it… It was about 11am our time. We saw it last time though (early this year - PM me for pics, or ask for a link), and mum took photos, since she is a prof. photographer.

I think that Canada got the best view this time, eh?

To many clouds here…missed it