SOHW832S wont read pressed DVDs

I have recently upgraded my machine and installed an ASUS a8V Deluxe motherboard with and AMD64 3500+ CPU.

Today the machine stopped reading pressed DVDs - either video or data. Still read burnt DVDs and pressed CDs. It did read pressed videos last week, but I have reloaded the motherboard drivers a few tiimes lately trying to fix an AGP problem and it seems to have played up sine then…

The motherboard uses VIA chips.

Any idea what is the problem.

The most common cause for this is a power supply problem. Check your power supply voltages or try another powersupply. It’s probably under a lot more load now ;).

Also try the drive in another system to make sure whether it is software or the drive.

Thanks Codeking. I will give that a try tomorrow.

I would mention that I have a Pioneer A05 on the same IDE as slave, and it reads the pressed DVDs OK, but perhaps it requires just a few less herbs.

What is “herbs”?

Hi. Aussie slang for “power” or similar.

Hi Codeking,

Well I upped to PSU from 300W to 400W and checked a pessed disc (Braveheart) which the Liteon read as a Video DVD. Thought, well it has been fixed.

Then tried the pressed DVD that it wouldn’t read yesterday and no joy. The drive, after much searching finally sees the pressed disc as a blank CD. It appears to be some inconsistency between the Liteon and the disc. There were three discs in a set, Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3 and all three were unable to be read by the Liteon but were able to be read by the Pioneer.

Checking out the disc through the Pioneer with DVDInfoPro it is shown as a pressed DVD-ROM.

Very Interesting!!!