Sohw1673s device buffer drops



If i burn at speeds higher that 8x the device buffer will start to drop after about 65% of burn is completed. Device buffer will drop to about 8% and then go back to 98% and it will go up and down for about 5sec. and then the burner will slow down and then complete. My dma is enabled. My os is xp pro sp2, 512mb of ram, pen3 1ghz fsb 100, 2wd120gig hd’s. Software is DVD Decrypter (up to date), nero, firmware for my 1673s is the latest ver 5. I use verbatim dvd+r 16x. 1673a drive is set to master.
Is whats happening here because of my system or a problem with my burner?
Thank You, sally


I have the same problem but mine is inconsistent. My system is Athlon XP 2800 2.1Ghz, 1Gb ram, 2 WD drives 80, 160gb. I hope someone can answer your question and help me at the same time.


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Please check if your SOHW1673 is connected as secondary master with NO harddisk/old device connected as secondary slave. Please also stop running other unnecessary program when burning.

It would be helpful if you can tell us if buffer underrun really occurs? Or just buffer drops?

How long do you take to burn a full DVD disc at 8x?


secondary master is the 1673s with a slave dvd/cd reader.
never anything running in background
never any buffer underruns atleast no alerts and that im aware of.
i do fined that dvd deycypter is a little better Q.
takes about 8min to burn a full sl dvd @ 8x
this is my 1st dvd burner but i have done a lot of svcd’s (dvd2svcd + d2sroba + 2.5sp)
and i allways defrag.


Well after burning many iso files i think my problem is my computer (to slow) to burn at 16x thats the the bad news for us that dont have faster computers. The good news is that by using dvdd for my software to burn an iso file and 8x speed also defrag befor i burn my nero test (4x) always come out very good pif .01, max 2, no spikes.


I don’t know if this will help you but it seemed to help me. I downloaded a program called memoryguard and defragmented my memory…haven’t had a buffer problem since.


Thank You abalone and noneed for your replys.
I checked out your site noneed and it looks intersting. However i do reboot all the time. I also run a apt. that closes any other apts. that were running its free and works well.
BTY my problem is the device buffer not the program buffer.


@ sillysally
Your device buffer may go up and down due to the firmware’s write strategy for the given media type. It will recalibrate and check to see if the burn is going well. During this time, the laser decouples, then recouples from the disc burning procedure. That is when the device buffer underruns occur. If the burn does slow down, then the recalibration is working as it must feel that the burn needs to slow down to complete with good results.
You could test your burst speed in nero cd-dvd speed or in kprobe. Your drive should be a udma4 drive, which means you should get about a 44MB/s burst rate. 16x burn speed needs at least 22,080 mb/s.


Thank You “please” for you reply.
Ok so things are the way they should be with my burner. My burst rates are over 51MB/s & 48MB/s on my drives and they always have been. Being my 1st DVD burner i wanted to make sure things were the way they should be.