SOHW1673 problem

Hey all.

I have a problem with my liteon SOHW1673. Computer is very slow when i burn, buffer jumps 8% to 98% all the time and all discs fails.

I tryed to put my DMA on, but the PIO stays. Is the problem the PIO?

No other programs runing in background
System specs: Athlon XP 2600+, 512mb ram, 120gm hd, gf6600gt.

  1. If u got DVD-R burner on master in there … it shouldnt made 'big" diffrece :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. U probobly conect DVD burner on 1 cable whit other CD/DVD or something
    if u got 2 CD/dvd-Roms on 1 cable ?.. if Yes … switch DVD-R burner(MASTER) … other (SLAVE) using jumpers.
  3. Bios dont let win to work on DMA 2 … so go to Bios and check … is all drives are auto … (proboly DVD-R burner is manualy on Pio mode)